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12400 Yellow Bluff Rd Jacksonville, FL  32226
Tel: 704-964-5570 

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"A fantastic place for kids* to learn discipline, perseverance, and integrity as well as martial arts and self-defense skills. A school is only as good as its instructors, and these ones are great teachers and great people. (As the mother of a girl, I was especially happy to find a school with female instructors as well as male. They are wonderful role models!)  


Unlike some of the "big box" martial arts schools around, URMA is family-run and family-oriented, and it very much becomes part of the kids' lives. They frequently have school events (holiday celebrations, movie nights, etc.) and are a part of the local community, both of which help kids see that martial arts isn't just an activity you go to and then leave behind when you're done. The fact that the students are able to integrate the lessons they learn everywhere they go is a big part of what makes this school stand out.


* I'm focusing my review on kids because that's what I have experience with, but they also teach adults."

Jen Rasmussen

"The women's self defense class is extremely beneficial. It's a wonderful and positive environment, where all women feel welcome. Mrs. Granieri teaches simple techniques, moves, and strategies that will leave you feeling confident and courageous if you ever needed to protect yourself. I highly recommend every woman to know the basics, URMA women's self defense class is a great place to gain the knowledge you need to defend yourself."


Kari Shak

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